søndag den 29. august 2010

My backup setup 3

In a previous posting I defined my 3 kinds of data. In this posting I will tell how I back it up:
  1. Okay to loose.
    (see previous posting)
  2. Harder to replace.
    Nothing exists without at least 2 copies at different locations, which is also true for this data. I have one copy at home on 4 small harddrives and a single encrypted harddrive at work with the same data. When I make an update to the one at home (which is not often) I will bring the one at work home and update that one. In this case I am protected against fire etc. and in some degree protected against drive failure. Because I don't check them often, there is still a significant risk that I might loose everything some day.
    For that reason, I ought to have it on a NAS at home, but then I'll have to buy another NAS and two harddrives.
  3. Ireplaceable.
    (see next posting)

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