tirsdag den 14. september 2010

My backup setup 4

In a previous posting I defined my 3 kinds of data. In this posting I will tell how I back it up:
  1. Okay to loose.
    (see a previous posting)
  2. Harder to replace.
    (see previous posting)
  3. Ireplaceable.
    This data I store on my NAS and I back it up over the Internet to an off site location. The cheapest solution would be a NAS friendship but I don't know anybody who would need a similar solution, so I use a commercial solution.
    The service I use is Crash Plan (consumer version). It comes with a backup program (which is free) and that program makes it easy to do backup to any medium. It will only cost money if you (as me) choose to buy their backup over the internet service. Currently I pay $60 for a year and then I can backup a single computer but an unlimited amount of data. Currently that is 460GB !!! They also have a family plan, which removes the 1 computer limit too and a commercial plan.
    The Crash Plan program runs on my computer, which I have to leave running when I have new data (a photo shoot easily produces 10-15 GB of data).

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